Styling Tips for a Beautiful Foyer

How to style your foyer

Did you know? The little room that guests enter before reaching the main portion of your home is actually a genius design device. The entry, also called a foyer, allows both you and guests a visual pause before being greeted … Read More

Exterior Staging Tips for Great Curb Appeal

Beautiful exterior property of home staging

There is a misconception among some in real estate that only the interior of the listing must be staged, that the “wow” factor should hit the moment you enter the space. We disagree! The wow factor shouldn’t happen at the … Read More

Staging Mistakes That You Will Want To Avoid

Create multiple seating arrangements in your living room when home staging.

Home staging was once thought to be a fun, DIY project that just about anyone could knock out in an afternoon. Reality has shown us that unless you get a kick out of hauling furniture from room to room, repainting … Read More

The Power of Colour in Your Home

A bright living room with midnight blue walls

If white-on-white kitchens make you feel like taking a deep breath of air or if you’ve felt the serenity of light blues and grays, you’ve experienced the overwhelming power that color has on your emotional and physiological states. In fact, … Read More

3 Staging Mistakes That Deter Buyers

Overloading your walls is a design mistake

Being a home stager is exhilarating and challenging. Because I’m passionate about what I do, I can spot staging tactics that don’t work nearly everywhere I look — online, in-person open houses, etc. (It’s a blessing and a curse, I … Read More

Tips to Keep Your Mudroom Tidy & Pretty

Keep your mudroom tidy

Shoes of varying sizes and degrees of filth lay strewn across your mudroom floor, a sure sign the room was aptly named. The pile of jackets along the wall – next to but not hanging in the closet – make … Read More