Styling Tips for a Beautiful Foyer

How to style your foyer

Did you know? The little room that guests enter before reaching the main portion of your home is actually a genius design device. The entry, also called a foyer, allows both you and guests a visual pause before being greeted by the depth and breadth of your home.

If your foyer has become a hub of shoes, coats, and random backpacks or purses, consider this message a call to organize and tidy up – because your foyer is a small space with big potential.

Entry foyer with stairs leading up, consider the color palette of your entry.

Consider the Color Palette

While minimalism will tell you to leave the walls and ceiling one, solid color and add monochromatic texture through the rug and decor, maximalism will tell you to hang a large piece of art near the front door and draw your vivid color palette from that.

Jewel-tones are inviting. Selecting at least one decor item or accessory in a rich hue will lend drama to your foyer without creating visual clutter from too many patterns or palettes. This strategy is growing in popularity among high end designers.

Honestly, there is no wrong choice as long as it flows with the rest of your decor and accurately reflects your personal style.

Consider adding light fixtures to your entry foyer

Add Better Light Fixtures

From wall sconces on either side of the mirror to a charming lamp on the console, foyer lighting options are many. The one non-negotiable is the chandelier. We firmly believe every foyer needs a statement fixture. To ensure it is sized appropriately for your space, add the width and length of your foyer together. Instead of feet, call them inches and double it. That sum is the total width of your ideal chandelier size (in inches).

For example, a 5 foot by 8 foot foyer would require a chandelier around 26 inches wide. (Our simple formula for sizing a chandelier is (width + height) x 2 = ideal diameter in inches.)

Add useful accessories to your foyer. Planter box at entry way.

Add Useful Accessories

The foyer is not a mudroom, which means it isn’t a good place for coat hooks or shoe cubbies. If you don’t have an actual mudroom for those items, designate them to the nearest closet and fill your now-empty foyer with a tasteful runner or rectangular rug.

Depending on the size of your foyer, you could also include a narrow console table and mirror. The mirror will increase the natural light of the space, while the console table will provide a nice place for a fresh bouquet and curated decor pieces.

Ready to update the foyer in your home? Let’s start designing.

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