Design Services

Are you moving into a new home that needs some updating?

Does your current home look “vanilla” and you would like to add in your favorite colour?

Do you want a fresh look and feel, and not sure what to do with colours, furniture placement and accessories?

We help create a space unique to you. We work with you to provide new ideas and a fresh perspective, so your home is more functional, beautifully updated and connects with your lifestyle. We are colour experts and can help to coordinate your ideas, choose your colours, and provide ideas for furnishings and fixtures and create the space that looks, and feels the way you imagined it could.

New Home Move In Package

New Home Move-In Package

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all the boxes to unpack?

Unpacking and settling into your new home is always easier with the expertise of professional organizer and stager. We will work with you to unpack and organize each room in your home, from the kitchen and pantry, family rooms, bedrooms and closets, even the home office. We will set up a customized system that’s relevant to your life through effective space planning, efficient storage, and actionable organizational solutions.

Colour Consultation

Colour Consultation

Are you planning to paint a wall or two, or maybe the whole house? Not sure which colour palette to pick?

We can help you choose a colour scheme for one, two or all the rooms in your home that compliments your home’s fixed elements, furnishings and favorite inspiration pieces.

Interior Redesign Consultation

Interior Redesign Consultation

Does your home need to be updated and refreshed? Moving into a new home? We can help you redesign it so you love every inch and it is uniquely perfect for you.

A redesigner works with you to provide new ideas so your home is more functional, beautifully updated and connects with your lifestyle. We can help you with paint colours selections, space optimization, home organization, and lighting, fixtures and finishes selections and a fresh perspective.