Occupied & Vacant Home Staging Services

Why should you stage your home? Home Staging prepares the presentation of your home so it will sell faster and for more money so that you maximize your equity.

In the current real estate market, prospective buyers are placing a higher than ever importance on the ability to view a home online where 99% of buyers look first. Your MLS® photos need to WOW them or they will move on to the next listing. “Web appeal” is definitely the new “curb appeal”! Only 10% of buyers can envision a home looking any different than it currently does. Your home only gets one chance to make a great first impression, so let’s ensure it looks it’s very best!

As a Real Estate Marketing Professional, I help you to see your home from the buyer’s perspective. As a past Real Estate Agent, I know what buyers are looking for and what motivates them. Staging your home for sale should be a key part of the marketing plan to sell your home. Beautiful marketing photos will catch a potential buyer’s eye as they look through online listing photos and put your home on their must-see list.

Our job is to help make your house appeal to the widest possible number of prospective buyers by showcasing it for fabulous marketing photos and immediately have buyers feel at home when they open the door to view your property. We achieve this by following a three-step home staging process:

Step 1: The Consultation
The home staging consultation is a comprehensive evaluation of your home’s current condition and it prioritizes any work that is necessary to be completed before showcasing your home for marketing photos.

Step 2: The Prep Work
Preparing your home for staging by completing the recommendations detailed in the home staging evaluation report. This may include addressing any necessary painting, repairs, and updates. If the home is occupied, it may also include pre-packing, decluttering, cleaning, and furniture rearrangement.

Step 3: Showcasing
Showcasing your home to create an emotional connection so buyers feel at home when they walk through the door. This is achieved by strategically placing furniture, artwork, accessories, and greenery, minimizing visual distractions, and enhancing architectural features to make the property feel as spacious, bright, elegant, and move-in-ready as possible for potential buyers.

When you touch the heart of your buyer, their search is over.

Occupied Staging Services

Occupied Home Staging Services

Occupied home staging starts with a comprehensive consultation where we will share our expert advice and recommendations, along with tips, tricks, and solutions to ensure every area of your home is strategically highlighted for fabulous marketing photos, successful showings, and creates a lasting impression for buyers so that they bring offers.

Recommendations are compiled in a home staging evaluation report and you will receive our client care package that includes home staging information, tips, and checklists for getting started.

We offer several occupied staging packages to help you complete the recommendations and showcase your home. We work with your furnishings to maximize the appeal of your home and you may choose to add a customized package of carefully selected artwork, accessories, and greenery to enhance your decor.

Vacant Staging Services

Vacant Home Staging Services

Only 10% of buyers can envision a home looking any different than it currently does so they struggle to visualize a vacant home’s potential. Staging a vacant home “sets the stage” for a faster sale with a higher return by helping buyers emotional connect to it.

An empty, vacant home feels cold, not warm and inviting, and rooms looks smaller than they really are. Buyers have no point of reference to visualize how their belongings will fit and look in the home. Buyers will also spend more time focusing on any deficiencies which can lead to a lower offer.

A MacPhee Interiors Vacant Staging Specialist will preview the property to get an estimate of staging rentals (furniture, artwork, accessories, linens, and greenery) required to best showcase it and provide a quote for a customized vacant staging package to highlight the home’s features for fabulous marketing photos.

Vacant Staging Services

Virtual Remote Home Staging Services

Make your smart phone or tablet a part of your home-selling team, along with the experts at MacPhee Interiors with our virtual remote home staging services, from consultations to directed home staging.

We are providing our expert recommendations and the same great consultation experience for occupied properties that are located outside of Edmonton and the surrounding communities in-person service area.

MacPhee Interiors will begin with an occupied virtual home staging consultation and we offer several additional virtual staging services to get your home beautifully staged and ready for fabulous marketing photos.

Get your home professionally staged with MacPhee Interiors

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Get your home professionally staged with MacPhee Interiors

Book an appointment with MacPhee Interiors today!