How Layering Creates Magazine-Worthy Interiors

Staged bedroom with layering pillows and different textures to create magazine-worthy photo

The key difference between good design and great design is one simple concept: Texture. Using different hard finishes to create interest or make a statement is one design philosophy many firms use — this one included — and so is … Read More

Why Clutter Eats Real Estate Equity

Beautiful, clean, clutter-free living room, staged to sell

We tend to get used to our own clutter, as it rarely appears all at once. Over time, each member of the household finds new, often unique, places to set their belongings and…tada! You have a lived-in house. It feels … Read More

Why Your Home Needs 3 Layers of Lighting

Why Your Home Needs 3 Layers of Lighting

A well-lit space does something for the soul. Crisp overhead lighting, pinpointed task lighting, and soft accent lighting help you live, work, and relax with ease. Plus, the balance of natural and artificial light in a space is a significant … Read More

Home Staging FAQs for Realtors

You care about growing your real estate business, keeping your buyers and sellers impressed by your smooth process and quick turnaround, and you’ve heard that home staging could take your entire operation to the next level. Before you dive in … Read More

3 Ways to Increase the Value of a Listing

Beautiful exterior of home increases perceived value

Check out these tips on preparing a home for sale that will help you to increase the value and have fabulous listing photos so that buyers will want to put your home on their must-see list. Your home only gets … Read More

Create Your Luxury Outdoor Living Room

A luxurious outdoor living room

As warm weather creeps across the continent, many of us are thinking about barbecues on the deck, serene evenings with a glass of wine on the patio, and lounging on the porch. In essence, many of us gain a second … Read More