How Layering Creates Magazine-Worthy Interiors

Staged bedroom with layering pillows and different textures to create magazine-worthy photo

The key difference between good design and great design is one simple concept: Texture.

Using different hard finishes to create interest or make a statement is one design philosophy many firms use — this one included — and so is the concept of layering soft goods. Upholstery fabric, window treatments, textured wallpaper, and floor coverings can make for a beautiful space. One that is full of depth and meaning, if done correctly.

Layering Hard Finishes

Hard finishes include flooring, walls, ceilings, cabinetry, and countertops. These are the more permanent components of a space. With each piece, each layer, we are developing a story.

The stories are varied and depend on our client, but here are few common tales:

  • The delicate dance of masculinity and femininity: Metal and wood, but lighter and brighter.
  • A mix of something old with something new: An heirloom wooden bench transformed to a window seat and topped with custom cushions.
  • Custom cabinetry with some clear or etched glass panels.
  • Varying countertops: Granite, concrete, marble, or some other material.

Now and zen. “Light wood, clean lines, and floating surfaces set the tone for zen-living. These spaces lean toward a less-is-more approach while keeping decor organic and natural. To this end, plants are often included for a calming aesthetic.”


Layering Soft Goods

Soft goods are the non-permanent aspects of a space, such as window treatments, furniture, rugs and runners, carpeting, and some decor. A common layering tactic for soft goods includes adding throw pillows to a sofa.

Each throw pillow will typically have its own unique pattern and texture, while also containing some common thread that unites it with the other elements in the space. This prevents a layered soft good from becoming “hodgepodge” and keeps it within the realm of “well-designed”.

Other soft good layering techniques include using woven blinds with linen drapery panels or adding a (faux or real) hide rug on top of a jute rug.

Ready to add some texture into your home? Let’s start designing.

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Create a layered office. Install custom cabinetry with display areas for your favourite figurines, then add a prestigious-yet-comfy velvet sofa for the occasional guest, and Viola! These elements will go a long way in making your home office feel as professional as you are.

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