Tips to Keep Your Mudroom Tidy & Pretty

Keep your mudroom tidy

Shoes of varying sizes and degrees of filth lay strewn across your mudroom floor, a sure sign the room was aptly named. The pile of jackets along the wall – next to but not hanging in the closet – make you want to pull out your hair. It took you an hour to tidy up this space, and it took your kids a grand total of 37 seconds to mess it up.

I get it, and that is why I’m sharing three mudroom organization hacks today. Ready? Let’s get organized.

A well organized mudroom

1. Add a Locker

A mudroom locker is a popular storage idea because it looks stylish and can accommodate a lot of things. I mean not only one cabinet, I’m talking about a whole locker unit that can include several cabinets, shelves, and tops, the combo is up to you. Even if your hallway is tiny, you can always order a tiny locker piece that will save some space and hide your things.

Or you can opt for built-in ideas: built-in shelves, tops and counters, racks, and benches. They won’t take up that much space but will accommodate enough things.

Add a communication station. Hang a large, framed chalkboard in your mudroom as a place to leave important notes, dates, and reminders for yourself or your family.

Think of vertical storage space for your mudroom.

2. Think Vertically

Unless your mudroom is the size of most living rooms, you won’t always have the square footage you want. The solution: Go upwards. From hanging higher coat hooks to installing shelves at adult-height (or higher, for rarely used items), you can maximize the space you have.

Pro tip: Add decor to any higher shelves. A well-placed family photo, a cute sign, and a figurine make the space look intentional.

Use a machine washable floor runner in your mudroom to prevent mess.

3. Be Preventative

If muddy floors are driving you insane, get ahead of the dirt with a machine-washable floor runner, one or two boot trays, and a super absorbent welcome mat just inside the exterior door. Keep a bottle of sanitizing spray or wipes easily accessible to clean anything that might need a little extra touch before bringing it into your home.

Does your mudroom need an update? Let’s start designing.

Open up your spaces. Instead of closing in your mudroom with cabinetry, use open shelves and woven or rigid cloth bins to keep gloves, hats, and other small items organized.

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