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For Real Estate Agents: CSP Elite™ Staging to Sell

Get The ‘Real Estate Marketing Specialist™’ Training To Differentiate Yourself from Your Competition

If you want to List MORE, Sell MORE and Make MORE Money, this training is for you!

Christine Rae

This comprehensive CSP Elite™ Agent Program is brought to you by Trina MacPhee, CEO & Certified Lead Real Estate Staging & Design Consultant of MacPhee Interiors. The Real Estate Marketing Specialist™ Training was developed by Christine Rae, leading staging training expert, owner and CEO of CSP International™ Staging Business Training Academy, and best-selling author of Home Staging for Dummies and Sold. The program provides a much-needed education for real estate agents offering the knowledge needed to leverage a leading marketing concept to their advantage.

Fact: Research Shows, Staging to Sell Works

AGENTS: What’s in It for You?

You’ve heard the analogy of the importance of detailing a car before selling, relating to selling property, you grasp the concept of home staging yet you struggle to convince sellers of its value – and frankly you are too busy to add this to your workload!

Then this program is for you!

Elite Program Manual

• If you would prefer someone else handle the 'sticky' conversations about your client’s property, so you preserve your relationship with them.
• If you are interested to know more about a proven marketing technique to have listings sell 90% faster than average. And if you want to attract more listing appointments – KEEP READING...
• What would happen to your reputation if you were known as "the Agent who always gets property SOLD"?
• What would your bottom-line look like if you could reduce your marketing budget, close more deals, sell more properties in less time than others?

All this and more is possible when you understand the ins and outs of how staging works for you, your client and the buyer.
Staging done well is a powerful, marketing strategy used to enhance property for sale.

The results, time after time illustrate how the practice secures the most money for the client in the shortest time, while building the reputation of agents who get property sold!

The Real Estate Staging Association, through whom CSP® is accredited, reports that staged homes are on the market 90% less than non-staged.


Recently NAR® released a study supporting staging as a valuable resource; it stated staging helps the more than 90% of people can NOT visualize beyond what they see.

Which means if you are not advising your client that they need to fully prepare their property for sale in order to maximize their sale advantage, then prospective buyers are not putting your listing on their "must see" list.

Properties which have been properly staged present maximum opportunity to secure a buyer sooner, increases equity potential for your clients, and creates emotional connections between potential buyers and client properties.

Pressing problem: How do you convince your client to understand the value of staging and how to handle the client who thinks you should also do this service for them?

The Solution:

It is within the learning content of the UNIQUE CSP Elite™ Agent Training Program.
• We believe agents are busy enough without adding the stress of actually doing staging work themselves.
• You don’t have time to do it well, thoroughly, and correctly (your client deserves this).
• You don’t do house inspection, mortgage arranging, title searching, painting, cleaning or grass cutting - so why would you schlep furniture?

Look at these two photos: Honestly could you do this?


Before Staging


After Staging

The Details:

Program includes:

  • 3 hour “live” recorded learning session taught personally by Christine Rae
  • A 100+ page reference manual “Maximizing Your Client’s Equity with Staging” with the lesson & information for easy reference
  • An open book exam to certify your knowledge post-training, which needs to be completed to earn the prestigious CSP Elite™ Agent designation. You are granted permission to use the specially developed agent logo in all marketing and promotional pieces for two years from your date of completion. (renewal thereafter is $50).
  • Certificate to verify skills as a Real Estate Marketing Specialist™
  • Logo for your use as a REMS™
  • A lead generation system you can replicate
  • Follow up emails that you can replicate
  • Numerous Documents and Articles to share with homeowners
  • Social Media Images for your use
  • Access to continuing education on demand learning courses

Optional to Purchase:

  • Customized for you: Staging Standard Magazine
  • Done for you marketing system
  • Done for you event system to attract sellers
  • Customized Social Media Images with your branding

Complete the exam at the end of the session. It will be marked and submitted to CSP International™ to qualify for certification. Once your exam has been successfully verified, you will be sent the logo via email, your certificate will be mailed to you, and you will be given access to the support material above.

Even if you have existing knowledge about staging, you will find that CSP® offers a comprehensive curriculum based on best practices for profitability, professionalism, business, and efficiencies (many of them set by CSP®).

To be clear, you will not learn the art and science of staging or how to build a staging business. You will learn how to incorporate staging services into your existing real estate business, for maximum impact on your bottom line.

You may think - “oh Staging costs LOTS OF MONEY”. It doesn’t cost lots of money! It costs less than that first price reduction and it makes lots of money. And staging is for EVERY property regardless of price point or location.

Through this training you will discover how to market staging to attract more listings and how to use staging services to close those listings faster (and with better results) than if staging was not included in the marketing process. You’ll also learn how to overcome objections and communicate effectively with the property owner to secure their cooperation in preparing for the sale.

This comprehensive workshop provides insight, principles, best practices, and strategies for agents to assist property sellers to maximize equity gain during the sale of a property.

Maybe the biggest reason to take the Elite™ Program is so that you will have a marketing edge in your local area, before your competition does.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this course is currently being offered as an in-house brokerage training event or as a small group event. As public meeting venues open, it will be offered as a larger group class. Please complete the Training Inquiry form for more information on current training options. Please complete the Course Registration form to register for a specific training event.

Price Gets You Interest, Staging it Gets You Offers


It is a great marketing tool that I was introduced to about five years ago, by a CSP stager. Sam McDadi: Top Real Estate Agent, Broker. Mississauga, Ontario
I just completed the 2-part learning sessions; I thought it was excellent, with a wealth of information. I look forward to moving forward with the Designation and integrating the staging process further into our business model.Jackie Martin, Sales Representative L.H. Lind Realty Inc.

Trina MacPhee and the team at MacPhee Interiors help homeowners prepare the presentation of their property so that they maximize equity, sell quickly, and for top dollar.
Services include Occupied and Vacant Home Staging, Short-Term Rentals Design & Staging, Color Consultations, Design Services and Professional Organizing.

Trina MacPhee

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